Saint Lavoy Rouge

Color: Dark Red
Aroma:  An inviting fruity aroma with spice notes, ripe berries, currants, blackberries and white pepper.
Taste: Blackberries and spices, as well as overtones of chocolate and toasty oak.
Food pairing: Goes well with red and white meat, poultry and ages cheese.
Production and maturation: France is a land of many soils, microclimates and family vineyards. We select small crops with intensely coloured berries. Each vineyard is unique, adding its own character to this deeply complex wine. Our gentle winemaking practices and balanced framework of fine French oak emphasize the natural varietal pepper and spice in this wine.


Origin: France
Region: Various
Classification: Vin de France
Varietal composition: Syrah Merlot Marcelan
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