Castelmare Prosecco Rosé Organic

Color: Light pink
Aroma: A dry and very fresh sparkling wine with charming flowery notes. Fruity aroma with hints of peach, strawberry, herbs, raspberries and blood orange.
Taste: A pleasant creamy taste on the palate makes this an elegant Prosecco.
Food pairing: Perfect as an aperitif or accompanied by seafood, salads and chicken dishes

Production and maturation: Castemare Prosecco Rosé is made from organic grapes. The shimmering light pink wine, has extra fine bubbles thanks to the fact that it ferments twice as long as regular Prosecco, sixty days instead of thirty. Th bottle is reminiscent of an old-fashioned crystal champagne glass. Produced according to the Charmat method, which allows the wine to develop bubbles through fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.
Origin: Italy
Region: Veneto
Classification: D.O.C. Veneto Millesimato Extra Dry
Varietal composition: Glera, Pinot Noir
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