Allegro Rosato Organic

Color: Light pink
Aroma: Inviting, fruity aroma with hints of black cherries, herbs and ripe raspberries.
Taste: Fresh, fruity and aromatic flavor with hints of ripe red berries, pink grapefruit and currant.
Food pairing: Perfect as an aperitif or with light dishes of seafood and salads. Best served at 8-10 C.

Production and maturation: Negroamaro originates from southern Italy and is grown almost exclusively in Puglia. Traditionally Negroamaro red wines are sharp and rustic with lots of color, but as a rosé can provide light and elegant wines with an aromatic and rich profile. Allegro Rosato is made from organically grown Negroamaro and a small percentage of Malvasia Nera. Negroamaro give the wine its freshness while Malvasia Nera contributes with more aromatic components.
Origin: Italy
Region: Puglia
Classification: IGT Puglia
Varietal composition: Negroamaro
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